How the Topical Map Revolutionizes Web Positioning and Perceives Your Site’s Relevance and Authority

In today’s highly competitive digital world, appearing in the top results of Google has become the holy grail for businesses and websites. Web positioning is not just about keyword selection; it’s about understanding how Google perceives the relevance and authority of your site. This is where the concept of a Topical Map comes into play, an advanced strategy that is transforming SEO and how we appear on Google.

What is a Topical Map?

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A Topical Map is an organized content structure revolving around a main topic, breaking it down into related subtopics. This methodology not only helps Google better understand the relevance of your site on a specific topic but also enhances user experience by providing detailed and organized information.

Key Differences

The main difference between traditional SEO and using a Topical Map is the depth and breadth with which a topic is covered. Instead of focusing only on specific keywords, this strategy aims to cover a topic exhaustively, establishing the website as an authority in that particular niche.

How to Apply a Topical Map

Identify the Main Topic

Start by defining the central theme of your website or the section you wish to optimize.

Break Down into Subtopics

List related subtopics that complement and expand the main topic.

Create Quality Content

Develop unique and valuable content for each subtopic, focusing on providing useful and relevant information.

Organize Your Website

Ensure that your site’s architecture reflects this thematic structure, making it easy for users and Google to navigate and understand your site.

Tips and Strategies

Internal Linking

Use internal links to connect different subtopics, reinforcing your site’s thematic structure.

Regular Updates

Keep your content fresh and updated to reflect changes and trends in your industry.

Include Multimedia

Enrich your posts with images, videos, and graphics to improve user experience and increase dwell time on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to redo my website to implement a Topical Map?

Not necessarily. You can start with specific sections and gradually expand the strategy throughout your site.

How do I know if my Topical Map is effective?

Monitor your web traffic, keyword rankings, and engagement on your posts to evaluate the impact of your thematic strategy.


The Topical Map is more than an SEO strategy; it is a content philosophy that puts relevance and authority at the forefront of your web positioning efforts. By adopting this methodology, you are not only improving your SEO but also enriching your users’ experience.

At, we firmly believe in the power of original and valuable content, designed around a well-structured Topical Map. If you are ready to revolutionize your online presence and dominate search results, contact us. Our team of experts is ready to create and design customized web positioning strategies for your business.

Remember, in the vast ocean of the web, relevance and authority are your best allies to stand out. Make every word count, and let your Topical Map guide you towards success in web positioning.

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